How To Remove Aquarium Algae

Got green slime growing on your tank walls? Does it look more like an algae tank than a fish tank??

That unsightly green stuff is called green algae. Green algae is a plant that grows in high aquarium lighting conditions. While it is often unattractive, it’s not harmful for your tank. If its not bothering you, leave it be. It produces oxygen in the water and this helps your fish breathe!

If it is bothering you, you can buy an algae scraper at your local pet retailer and remove it that way. If you have a  glass tank I suggest using a single razor blade. It will slice the algae right off the glass without marking it up.

To get rid of algae all together I suggest you lower the amount of light in your tank. The algae can’t grow without good lighting. Try turning your aquarium lights of a couple hours early everyday. You’ll notice the difference!

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