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Setting up an Aquarium: Good Starter Fish

Freshwater fish are the easiest, cheapest and best starter fish around. Many people often ask me what a good starter aquarium fish is. I ALWAYS recommend that pet owners who are making their starter tank go with freshwater fish.

Aquarium Equipment Guide

So you’ve decided you want to set up an aquarium. I’m here to help!
There are a million and one products that retailers suggest, but there aren’t too many that you really NEED. Lets go over the list of things you’re going to need for your setup.
planted aquarium setup
There are many different types of aquariums. The main two kinds of materials are glass and acrylic. Glass aquariums are often cheaper and easier to find at your local pet shop. Acrylic tanks, although harder to find, are more sturdy and they don’t break easily.
For your first tank, I assume you will want to go glass. There are a few sizes that pretty much every pet shop will carry:
  • 10 gallon aquarium
  • 20 gallon aquarium (high and long)
  • 29 gallon aquarium
  • 55 gallon aquarium