Setting up an Aquarium: Good Starter Fish

Freshwater fish are the easiest, cheapest and best starter fish around. Many people often ask me what a good starter aquarium fish is. I ALWAYS recommend that pet owners who are making their starter tank go with freshwater fish.

There are a few reasons for this:
1.Freshwater fish tend to be easier to keep healthy and are less aggressive than saltwater fish.
2.Freshwater fish tolerate warmer and cooler temperatures. Saltwater fish often are only available for warmer water.
3. Most freshwater fish adapt to dirtier or less oxygenated water which makes them hardier and easier to keep healthy for a good starter fish tank.

Goldfish as Starter Fish
Goldfish are excellent starter fish for a new aquarium. These fish tend to live well in slow moving peaceful waters. These  types of fish can handle a wide variety of water temperatures and qualities. Live plants or plastic, cold or warm water. Many people keep Koi fish in their aquariums or ponds, which are basically just giant Goldfish. Goldfish are normally housed in tanks, aquariums, or ponds.

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