Setting up an Aquarium: How to Choose an Aquarium and Stand

So you’ve selected the best possible fishy friends for your lifestyle and personality, and now it’s time to give your tiny guys a totally crunk pad: the perfect aquarium. Set up for the tank your guys will be living in is usually pretty easy — the “tough” part is selecting one, and even that isn’t that hard.

Let’s start by going the different types of tanks, and then we’ll get into how to set up an aquarium.

This 16-wheeler, spotted in Irvine, California toting the EuroCombi tank is not recommended for beginners!

First off, know that there’s no such thing as a “right” tank. It’s your call, and, usually, you want to go as big as your property and budget will allow. Here are the main varieties you’ll run into:

  • Acrylics: These are usually more expensive, but for that price, after you’re done with aquarium set up, your reward is a tank that can’t be scratched or stained as easily. You could scratch and stain them if you really want, but don’t you have better things to do with your time after setting up an aquarium?
  • Glass cubes: Pretty much what they sound like. It’s a cube made of glass, easy to assemble. Just make sure to get a hood so your fish don’t go overboard!
  • Readymade cabinets: These are handy because after you’re done setting up an aquarium like this, you’ve got a convenient place to store all the lighting units, external filters, and cables you need. Well, that your fish need. Not you.

 Aquarium set up is usually pretty hassle-free. So long as you read the instructions and follow them closely, you should have no problems. In another post we’ll go over some of the more complicated problems associated with setting up an aquarium, usually associated with the dreaded Harbinger Fishy Tank 698-X. They’re hard to find and are usually labeled with a big skull and cross bones as a warning to all customers, alongside a label that says: “Caution: several people have died in aquarium set up. Don’t say you weren’t warned!” Okay, so that doesn’t really exist. Not anymore.

Quit worryin’ so much! Now you know how to set up an aquarium and pick the right one for you and your fish friends.

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