Picking the Perfect Aquarium Position

The aquarium position you select for your tank is not anything to take lightly. Selecting the right equipment, tank, and plants won’t do you a whole heck of a lot of good if you put it in the wrong place.

Let’s assume for a moment you live in a gigantic house. No, you know what? Let’s say you live in a solid gold millionaire mansion and a famous rapper lives next door. He’s actually a good resource to tap later when it comes to making your fish hustle and flow, but that’s another post for another time. We’ll also explore the best fish to give your manservant and next door neighbor in another post if there’s enough interest in the comments below. (Fun fact: Rick Ross hates Siamese fighting fish and prefers a nice feisty candiru instead.)

First, let’s dip into choices for aquarium position locations you shouldn’t make. Kitchens are a bad idea because the fumes from household cooking can affect the fish – also, you may also accidentally cook your fish. Don’t stare through that aquarium window when you’re out of groceries and think, “I’ll improvise!” That would make you a bad fish parent.

Correct aquarium location

Do you know where the fish tank should go in your new home?

Also bad is a hallway (drafts from doorways and noise from passing foot traffic will be disturbing), close to a door (again, vibrations and noise), and any room with too much light (it’ll make the tank too hot during the day and too cold at night).

Ideally, you want to put the aquarium where it will not be affected by foot traffic, light from windows, or heat from radiators. Great aquarium positions include corners of rooms and really any area that is quiet — it should be far away from windows. If it’s a corner that’s too dark to grow a houseplant, it might be perfect for an aquarium.

Remember that you will want to scout out the best location ahead of time since it will be hard to find the “perfect” spot and also a sizable tank filled with water and such can weigh as much as 150 pounds. And since you’re living in a giant mansion, you should conserve your lifting muscles for your gem-encrusted wallet, not your fish tank.

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