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In another post, I told you all about the nitrogen cycle. Piggybacking off that is aquarium testing. Aquarium testing is important because it’s a surefire way to whether something’s off or hinky about your setup.

Get ready to discuss the great Fish Tank Test!

A lot of things can go wrong. What you need to wrap your mind around is the fact that, in nature, the water is actually alive, in a way. It’s facilitating the life of plants and fish, and is a conduit to processing one’s waste into something beneficial for the other. It’s a different story in an aquarium: The water you get from your tap isn’t alive. It has to be revived before fish can live and flourish in it.

There are kits you can get for a fish tank test, so, breathe a sigh of relief if you thought you’d need a degree in marine biology to keep proper care of your wet ones. But, be warned, there are a lot of different kits.

testing your aquarium

There are aquarium testing kits from a to of different brands that all serve different functions.

One of the main things you’re measuring for in a fish tank test is the water’s hardness. Water gets hard when it has a high mineral content. It alone isn’t toxic necessarily, but it isn’t exactly the most conducive water to sustaining life.

Generally speaking, fish can live in medium to hard water. Plants do best in what’s called carbonate hardness, which is derived depending on the levels of carbon dioxide in it. When fish tank testing, the carbonate hardness should never drop below three German degrees, or dCH, which is the standard unit of measurement for that.

Thee are liquid reagents you can buy from aquarium dealers for fish tank test that can help you determine what’s going on in your water. If something’s wrong with it, be sure to change the water’s happiness with peat filtering, using a cation exchanger, or adding completely desalted water to the tank.

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