Tropical Fish Species Spotlight

Information about tropical fish species for your aquarium.

Fish: Neon Tetra

The Neon Tetra is an extremely common aquarium fish. It is also an extremely poor starter fish!

This fish is striking in appearance and because of that it is often one of the most common beginner fish suggested. The problem is that the Neon Tetra is an extremely delicate fish and it is often the first to go when your tank has water quality problems.

I suggest you wait until your tank is established before buying the neon tetra for your aquarium.

That said, some more information about the Neon Tetra!

Paracheirodon innesi

Fish: Plecostomus or Algae Eater

The Plecostomus, or Hypostomus plecostomus, is better known as an “algae eater”. This is a fantastic starter fish and there are many different kinds of Plecostomus to choose from. The “pleco” as its known, has countless subspecies with a huge variety of colors and sizes.

Some basic types of Plecostomus:

  • Common Pleco or “Hypostomus plecostomus
  • Sailfin Pleco or “Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus”
  • Gold Nugget Pleco or “Baryancistrus spp.”
  • Bristlenose Pleco or “Ancistrus spp.”
  • Zebra Pleco or “Hypancistrus zebra”

There are many more types of Plecostomus fish. These are just a few members of this large family.

What do Plecos eat?

Plecostomus is an omnivore but it prefers vegetation. These fish are voracious eaters and require a good supply of food at all times. These fish love green vegetables such as zucchini and lettuce. These fish will also eat pretty much any kind of fish food but I suggest that you stick to feeding them vegetarian food.

Some people have noticed that their pleco is attacking their other fish. It is true that the pleco can attack your other fish, but they only do this when they are starving. If you aren’t feeding your algae eater or there isn’t enough algae in the tank, your other fish better watch out!

How do Plecos get along with other fish?

Plecos are generally peaceful, but they prefer to be the only pleco in the tank. These fish may grow territorial as they start to grow in size so its best to keep them alone. As a rule, just one pleco is enough unless you are keeping some of the smaller species. Plecos are very hardy fish and they may be kept with some of the more aggressive predatory fish as long as they are large enough.

Keep in mind that the common Plecostomus can grow extremely large! If you’re starting a new 10 gallon tank I suggest you go with a smaller species of pleco such as the dwarf pleco.

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Fish: Zebra Danio

Zebra Danio

Among the most popular and hardiest freshwater aquarium fish is the zebra danio or “zebrafish”.  This is definitely a cool looking beginner fish and not only that, but its a cheap starter fish!

The Zebra Danio or Danio rerio is a small minnow like fish with a wonderful horizontal striped pattern on its sides. This fish will always be on the small side and it usually doesn’t grow past 2 inches in an tropical aquarium.  Zebra Danios are omnivores, so they will eat just about anything. In your aquarium I suggest you feed these fish flake food and frozen food. They are voracious eaters, but they are extremely docile in your aquarium.

Some advice for keeping “zebrafish”

  • These are tropical fish, meaning that they need warmer water. They accept temperatures from 72-82 degrees.
  • Zebra Danios are a schooling fish, so they do best in groups of 6 or more. If you have less than 6 your fish may be stressed and it could have a negative effect on their health
  • These fish need atleast a 10 gallon aquarium to do well. Bigger is always better!

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Fish: X Ray Fish, or Prestilla Tetra

I’ve noticed a growing trend in the aquarium hobby. Many people are looking for the mysterious “X Ray Fish”. This fish is known for its pleasant demeanor, hardiness, and most of all, its weird appearance! The xray fish is known by many names.

People call this fish…

  • Prestilla Tetra
  • Goldfinch Tetra
  • Prestilla maxillaris
  • Xray Tetra
  • Signal Tetra

They are all the same fish!

This fish is called the xray fish because you can see through its skin! You can see the organs and skeletal system of this adorable little fish and because of that, people love it!

It is a wonderful starter fish. I highly suggest the xray fish. This fish prefers the following conditions in your tank:

  • PH of 6-8
  • A few buddies to school with (these are schooling fish)
  • Eats most types of foods with no problem
  • Should be kept with other community fish, it is non-aggressive!

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For more information about starter fish and aquarium setup Click Here! This guide has everything you need to start up a beautiful tank.