Common Tank Problems

Many hobbyists run into problems with their tanks early on. Problems like green algae or cloudy water are extremely common. Here are a few common aquarium problems and some quick and easily solutions for them.

Problems in your aquarium:

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water in your aquarium can happen for a variety of reasons. I find that most new fish owners run into this because of overfeeding. In my experience, overfeeding is the number one killer of fish. If your tank is cloudy, I suggest getting your water tested. A water test can tell you how healthy your tank is, and if your cloudy water is means for concern. If you find that your water is healthy but your tank is cloudy, I suggest you just give it some time.

IF however, your tank water is unhealthy, I suggest you decrease your feeding and change out 25% of your water. After that, give it a couple days and test again. Repeat. While doing water changes I suggest you add water conditioner to your new water before adding it. Water conditioner breaks down dangerous chemicals in tap water that could harm fish.

Algae Problems

Another extremely common problem is green algae or brown algae. Do you have green water in your aquarium or green aquarium glass? Algae growth is that green or brown hairy stuff that covers everything in your tank if you give it a chance.

Algae itself isn’t exactly harmful for your tank, but more an indicator of a condition. Green Algae grows very quickly but it requires one thing. Light. If your tank has a ton of green algae all over, you probably need to reduce the amount of light your aquarium is exposed to. If your fish tank is placed near a window or a source of actual sunlight, you may be plagued with algae. A change of location will work of course, but I have also heard wonderful things about these new “moss balls” that you may find at your local pet shop.

If your aquarium isn’t placed near a window but the algae forms anyhow, you may be leaving your lights on too long! If you leave on your lights your tank is bound to go green extremely fast. Reduce your lighting. I suggest getting an appliance timer from your local hardware store. Set it to 8 hours and go from there.

You can remove algae in your glass aquarium using a razor blade. If you have a ton of algae, make sure you do a water change after you scrape it all off.

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